Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Previewed by Showrunners

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 will dive “really deeply” into the survivors following their [...]

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 will dive "really deeply" into the survivors following their forced separation by villain Virginia (Colby Minifie) in the Season 5 finale.

"I think what we're really excited for in season 6 is the fact that everyone got split up and we've already heard Ginny reference the fact that she has quite a few settlements under her control. She is like a colonizer," showrunner Andrew Chambliss told EW. "She is like someone who franchises these settlements and comes in and fixes things and then kind of seizes control. But it means we're going to see a lot of different places and get a lot of different flavors and we're going to be able to dive in really deeply with our characters."

We'll also see the survivors' individual reactions to the philosophy exhibited by Virginia, who gravely wounded Morgan (Lennie James) and left him to die.

"As you know, we watched them struggle to be apart, as we watched them fight to get back together. We will see whether or not some people buy into Ginny's philosophy, or if they will try to hold onto those words that Morgan's spoke out over the walkie," Chambliss said. "We're really trying to set the stage for a different kind of storytelling than we've done before on the show."

We'll also see if Daniel (Rubén Blades) will be reunited with cat Skidmark, a separation some viewers found particularly upsetting.

"We can say that Daniel's going to want that cat back, and Skidmark may want to be back with the Daniel, so maybe we'll see the apocalypse from the point of view of our own Milo and Otis," Chambliss said.

More seriously, the group's separation is the biggest point of focus in Season 6, which may still have hope for Morgan.

"It certainly doesn't look good for Morgan. We've seen Morgan survive some pretty scary things in the past, but this might be the biggest test he's faced yet," said showrunner Ian Goldberg. "He's completely alone. He's without his entire group. He's been shot. He's got walkers encroaching upon him. So you know, as Andrew has said, he tells everyone else to live, whether he'll be able to do that, we'll have to see. And we'll have to see if even his message reached the rest of the group because there's nothing that tells us that anyone even heard. So that's a question for season 6."

Whether or not Morgan lives to see another day, his mission doesn't end at Humbug's Gulch.

"And I think it's a larger question than just whether or not Morgan's going to live," added Chambliss. "It's whether this whole way of life that he was trying to build of trying to be better and trying to make the world a better place, whether that's going to be able to live or whether that's going to die as Ginny tries to have her own way."