Colman Domingo Directs Upcoming 'Fear The Walking Dead' Episode

For the first time in either Walking Dead show's history, a star of the show will be directing an [...]

For the first time in either Walking Dead show's history, a star of the show will be directing an episode, as Colman Domingo takes charge of Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4x12.

Domingo, who plays Victor Strand on the AMC show, spoke with at Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, Tennessee over the Mother's Day Weekend, sharing some of the details and experience of getting behind the camera for the first time on a television series. "I directed my first television directed job," Domingo said. "I just directed Episode 12. I just turned in my director's cut and I'm very proud of it and the showrunners are very happy and our producing director... Also, I think it's the first time on either one of the shows that an actor has directed one of the episodes. I have such a love and affinity for the show, hopefully I pulled some things out of the filming of it what I think are very important and also in the legacy of the show."

Domingo does not appear in the episode, which might take away a bit of the acting and directing combination challenge. However, things were made easier not by such a fact but by the encouraging company and family surrounding him.

"I feel like I had everybody behind me," Domingo said. "The cast, the crew everyone was just like, 'How can we make this the best episode ever?' These are all my friends, too, and their respectful and they're rooting for me. And, also, everybody's so smart. They know that I'm not someone who goes in like, 'I know everything.' What I don't know, you're gonna teach me and I'm gonna learn from everybody!"

While Domingo will certainly deserve credit for his work, he is quick to deflect the achievement to the Fear family as a whole. "It's truly a representation of the company of Fear the Walking Dead, not just me, it's everybody," Domingo said.

As for Victor Strand's immediate future, there is one thing on his mind: killing the Vultures. "I think that's paramount on Strand's mind and you'll find out why soon enough," Domingo said. "You'll find out it's challenging him in a deeper way that he even imagined."

Hear more about Strand's current scenario and what's coming on Fear the Walking Dead in the's Walker Stalker/FanFest interview above!

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