Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Actress Cast On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has cast Elizabeth Ludlow in a new role.

Ludlow's character is yet to debut on the AMC series but will arrive in this Sunday's Episode 4 of Season 7 which is titled, "Service." While her role is being kept under wraps, so far, we can make a couple of inferences from clues around the Internet.

Most importantly, in Ludlow's Twitter bio, she calls herself a, "Friend of Lucille." This nominates Ludlow as a new member of the Saviors. Given the rarity of women in Negan's group from the comics, if she is going to play a role adapted from the books, there are only a couple to choose from.

That said, AMC has confirmed to that Ludlow's character on the show is named Arat. Robert Kirkman's comics contain no such character.

The best prediciton for which comic book role Ludlow's Arat will carry out on television is Laura, a loyal servant of Negan and eventual reluctant ally to Alexandria. Laura, however, was not introduced in The Walking Dead comics until issue #148 - over 40 issues further down the storytelling road than the TV series have reached in equivalence.

TWD Ludlow Arat

Laura becomes a factor in the books after Dwight has taken the reigns of the Saviors. As Dwight struggles with taking on the leadership role, Laura assures him he is a good fit to be the man in charge which is somethign the group needs and promptly kisses him for reassurance. As for whether or not this story line will be realized on the AMC series or if Ludlow's Arat will fit the Laura mold - or possibly a combination of multiple roles - will be seen as the series rolls on.

Ludlow is best known for her roles in Max Steel, USA's Satisfation, and Table 19. In May of next year, she will be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for a role which is credited on IMDb as "Easik Mother."



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