Jeffrey Dean Morgan Imagined As Batman In New 'Flashpoint' Fan Image

With Jeffrey Dean Morgan constantly teasing an upcoming role as Batman, it's time to imagine what he might look like as DC's caped crusader.

"There's a role in the DC Universe I've got my eye on," Morgan said at Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey this weekend. It's not the first time the actor known best for playing Negan on The Walking Dead teased reprising his Thomas Wayne role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With this tease causing a storm on the Internet, graphic artist BossLogic decided to work up a rendition of Morgan as the Flashpoint movie's Batman.

Check out the photo below.

jdm batman

Whether or not Jeffrey Dean Morgan will serve as Batman in Warner Bros. Flashpoint movie or at any point in the DC Films universe is still unconfirmed. However, it the movie were to follow its comic book source material, The Walking Dead star would have himself a role as the next Batman.

In the DC Comics story of Flashpoint, Barry Allen runs back in time to save his mother but skews the universe's timeline. In this new, alternate timeline, Bruce Wayne was killed by a gunman rather than Thomas, eventually prompting Thomas Wayne to become the Batman in Gotham City.


Furthering the chances of Morgan reprising his role as Thomas Wayne for a Batman stint is the constant controversy of whether or not Ben Affleck will remain as Batman in the upcoming DC Comics movies. Most recently, reports claim that Affleck will play Batman in the Flashpoint movie but be recast for the Matt Reeves trilogy set to follow it. With an alternate timeline due in Flashpoint, Morgan's chance to jump into the Dark Knight's spandex, at least for a short time, seem more and more likely.

Flashpoint is expected to arrive in theaters in 2020. Morgan also has Rampage coming to theaters in 2018, as well as The Walking Dead returning to television on February 25, 2018.