Lincoln Castellanos Is After The Dead Guest Sunday Night

Following Sunday night's new episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Lincoln Castellanos will be joining's live recap show After the Dead.

Castellanos appeared in the first season of Fear the Walking Dead as Tobias, a student in Madison's high school who seemed a bit ahead of the curve when it came to the zombie apocalypse. The young character predicted the bad things ahead and attempted to prepare but Madison confiscated his knife for the safety of his classmates.

He did come into play later, though. Tobias helped Madison survive an encounter with the school's principal before electing to venture off on his own.

Could Tobias be the Morgan of Fear the Walking Dead? Will the character return to the show sometime down the road in a new state of mind, ready to kick some zombie ass? Of course, the topic will be addressed during After the Dead along with how life has changed for Castellanos since he debuted in the Walking Dead universe.

We will also discuss the events of the Jessica & Pablo episode which will follow Nick's journey through Tijuana and Madison's group as they attempt to find sanctuary in the hotel.


Last week, Chris actor Lorenzo James Henrie joined After the Dead to discuss the wild events of the Do Not Disturb episode. If you missed the show live, you can watch right here!

Fear the Walking Dead airs at 9 PM ET on AMC and After the Dead broadcasts live on The Walking Dead on's Facebook page at 10 PM ET.