Morgan Was Originally Set To Return On The Walking Dead At Terminus

Morgan Jones is one of very few characters on The Walking Dead to have been introduced in the [...]

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Morgan Jones is one of very few characters on The Walking Dead to have been introduced in the first season and still be alive heading into the seventh. His return late in the fifth season was refreshing and nostalgic for fans who had been with the show since 2010 but it originally was planned quite a bit differently.

Along with the many impressive bonus features packed into The Walking Dead's Season 6 blu-ray/DVD box set is commentary by showrunner Scott Gimple of the "Here's Not Here" episode which originally aired on November 1, 2015 as the fourth episode of the season.

"At the end of 416, Rick would say, 'They're screwing with the wrong people,'" says Gimple, "and a gentleman would come out of the shadows of the train car and he would say, 'Yeah, they are.' And that would be Lennie, as Morgan. And it looked like it almost could have happened."

Instead of setting up Morgan's heroic return with the Season 4 finale, the showrunners elected to have Carol play savior and bail out Rick's group from the cannibals of Terminus. Morgan would return much later in Season 5 after a run in with the Wolves, encountering Daryl and Aaron and reuniting with Rick as he executed Pete Anderson in front of the people of Alexandria.

"We almost made it happen," Morgan actor Lennie James adds on the commentary.

"Because it looked like a show that Lennie was on was ending," continues Gimple. "The time was right. But Lennie had a commitment to another show, which allowed us to do something super cool, which allowed Morgan to go on a journey after this episode in Season 5 to see how he catches up to Rick and the group."


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