One Of The Walking Dead's Season 7 Mystery Characters Revealed

Going into The Walking Dead's seventh season, a handful of new characters are being cast on the [...]

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Going into The Walking Dead's seventh season, a handful of new characters are being cast on the series which seem inconsistent with the comic book's source material, making it hard to predict what roles the new cast members will be playing. That said, one of the mystery characters has been revealed.

Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead's seventh season follow.

In a scene filmed on a Jekyll Island beach, Instant Mom actress Sydney Park is introduced under the code name Jennie according to The Spoiling Dead Fans.

"We have learned that Sydney's character is a member of a small group of women and children," the notorious spoiler site reports. "Tara will encounter them in episode 6, but judging by filming info she has returned to the safezone."

"Whatever was filmed does not appear to be part of episode 9," the group adds, speculating that the scenes recorded on Jekyll Island seem more consistent with a flashback later in the season or being a part of an episode from the coming season's first half.

A description for the scene claims that two actors discover a human corpse half buried within a small tidal pool which is prompting speculation of Corey Hawkins' Heath character being killed off when paired with knowledge of Tara and Heath's situation in the Season 7 trailer and lack of appearance in this scene. The speculation adds that further down the beach the new group discovers Tara and revives her but an ungrateful Tara slips away from her saviors when they are distracted.

A scene will likely precede these moments in open water, showing how Tara and the corpse ultimately washed up on shore, as sources involved with The Walking Dead have told they were filming in water prior to production of the Season 7 midseason premiere. At the time, there was no word which characters were involved or how they found themselves off the coastline.

Other new characters coming to The Walking Dead in Season 7 include the comic book adapted Kingdom leader Ezekiel and a leader of an apparently new group under the casting call name of Brion.

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