Robert Kirkman Comments On Popular Fear/The Walking Dead Crossover Theory

Crossover is the one word which can make fans of any comic books series lose their minds in [...]

Crossover is the one word which can make fans of any comic books series lose their minds in excitement. Marvel movies do it. DC Comics TV shows do it. But The Walking Dead and its sibling series Fear the Walking Dead haven't done it.

The popular theory on how to make such a crossover happen stems from the Whisperer War currently taking place in The Walking Dead comic books.

Recently in the comics, Rick's group has been battling a group of foes called The Whisperers who cover themselves in zombie guts and walk among them. It is a tactic which was quickly developed by Fear the Walking Dead's Nick Clark. Writer/creator Robert Kirkman even teased the connection between Fear's group and The Walking Dead's survivors at New York Comic Con.

Furthermore, the conversation Eugene had over the radio in the comics suggested people covered in walker guts were near whoever is on the other end of that radio.

In the Letter Hacks section of The Walking Dead's issue #160, Kirkman finally addressed the matter of whether or not we will see characters from Fear appear in The Walking Dead comics.

"It's possible this is a wink and a nudge to that," Kirkman said. "But this series is not connected to Fear the Walking Dead. That series is separate."

Part of what keeps the characters separated is likely a legal issue. The characters of Fear the Walking Dead were created on AMC and are therefore owned by the network. Therefore, AMC would have to license the characters to Skybound/Image Comics in order for them to appear in the graphic novels. Nick, Alicia, Travis, Madison, Ofelia, and Alicia won't be appearing in The Walking Dead comics any time soon ... or ever.

As for whether or not the characters will ever overlap on television, it is still a possibility, but highly unlikely. "As of right now, no, there is no plan," Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Dave Erickson tells "From a narrative perspective, nevermind the geography of it all, I think it would be too difficult to pull off. I don't think there's anything, as far as I've read in the comic, I don't think there's any trackway for that either."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Issue #160 of the comics is available now. For complete coverage and insider info, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.