Today's Issue Of 'The Walking Dead' Is Already Selling For $75

The latest issue of The Walking Dead is flying off shelves and already selling for high prices on [...]

The latest issue of The Walking Dead is flying off shelves and already selling for high prices on secondary markets.

On Wednesday, Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead put its issue #171 on shelves. The issue promised, from its cover, to introduce a new character to the long-running and popular series. Such an event is always a milestone in comics which manages to raise prices of old issues but certain issues with the new "Princess" character are already selling at impressive numbers.

One variant issue, the "Pink Signature" cover, sold for $74.99 with an addition $66.75 charge for USPS Priority Mail Express Shipping on eBay.

Currently, the Pink Signature variant, signed and designed by Lorenzo De Felici ranges from $34.99 to $200 on the online market.

The variant issue of The Walking Dead #171 comes with seven extra pages of story and is being printed at a ratio of anywhere from 1:7 to 1:30 to the regular cover which features Princess. The extra pages or special variants were not publicized before publishing, making this issue harder to find and likely to drive up prices as more time passes.

In the preview for issue #171, Michonne's small group continues their journey through Pittsburgh, but somewhere along the way they will encounter the new character featured on the cover who may or may not become a major player in the series.

As for the inevitable question of, "When will she be on television?" Likely not until Season 12 or beyond... If you're heading out to your comic book shop to look for the issue, though, here is an image to identify the cover!

twd pink signatrue

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