First Scene From 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x05 Is A Flashback

When The Walking Dead airs its next new episode on Sunday night, it will fill in some blanks [...]

When The Walking Dead airs its next new episode on Sunday night, it will fill in some blanks between the Season 7 finale and Season 8 premiere, as well as the time which has passed at the Sanctuary through the three hours which followed.

The first three minutes from The Walking Dead Episode 8x05, The Big Scary U, were released by AMC exclusively to subscribers. The clip has surfaced on YouTube, where more fans are catching the opening moments of the new episode which feature Father Gabriel's return and Gregory's adventures in the Sanctuary.

First up, Father Gabriel prays to his Lord. "I very likely will die," Gabriel says. "I'm not asking to live but you've given me redemption and it's that which makes me no longer fear death. What I fear is a fruitless death. What I ask for, after you have given me so much, is purpose."

It's an ominous opening which will likely have fans worried about the fate of Gabriel having been last seen trapped in a trailer with Negan outside of the Sanctuary. In another clip from the same episode, Father Gabriel has a conversation with Negan while trapped in that trailer and seems fearful the dead might break through the walls.

Then, Simon greets Gregory in his holding room with pancakes. "These cakes are made from scratch by yours truly," Simon said. "I used genuine Hilltop sorghum." It's an explanation to the exchange between Cal and Gregory at the Hilltop's gates upon the cowardly leader's return.

The dialogue which follows is a bit more alarming, however. "You went to the satellite outpost as I instructed," Simon starts out. "You came to see me. Though I was already away dealing with that rank betrayal which was unknown to you..." The tone in Simon's voice indicates he is giving Gregory instructions on what to say should anybody ask, which he quickly abides by, but also indicates there is a mole in one of the groups.

As it turns out, though, Gregory was going to reveal the alliance between the Hilltop and Kingdom but Simon was "finding out at that point" according to Gregory.

The rest of the scene and time Gregory spent at the Hilltop will likely play out when The Walking Dead Episode 8x05 plays out on Sunday night.

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