The Walking Dead: A Rick Grimes Movie is Still on the Way

With the announcement of The Walking Dead coming to an end with its Season 11, AMC also confirmed that a movie starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes is still in development. The film is being made by Universal and Skybound. While it does not yet have a release date, The Walking Dead will end in 2022 which means the movie likely won't be released until 2023 at the earliest. The Walking Dead universe is also poised to expand with a new spinoff series centered around Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon, in addition to a new anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead.

As The Walking Dead's universe continues to expand, the franchise's chief content officer explained to in October of 2019 that the sprawling titles and content is calling for a bit of extra care. "It's daunting, but I don't know, you draw inspiration from each group, from each crew, from each cast, from each showrunner," Gimple said. "You see opportunities to tie things between the shows and within the universe. You also are like, 'Whoa, look out, they're doing this on the other show, so you might want to back off of that.' You're also looking for differentiation, and telling really different stories, and the shows take different types of chances, and I think it allows for a varied universe. I think that if somebody watches the other Walking Dead shows and expect it to be exactly like The Walking Dead, that's not going to happen. The Walking Dead is The Walking Dead. They're the anchor and the other shows provide different things, different stories, different perspectives."

The Walking Dead has its original Season 10 finale set to air on October 4. 10 more episodes of Season 10 will be produced beginning in October to air in early 2021. Season 11 will go into production in early 2021. Fear the Walking Dead will begin airing its sixth season on October 11. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will follow The Walking Dead Season 10 finale on October and new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead with its first season. A TWD movie starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes is still in development at Universal and Skybound.

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