The Walking Dead Actress Arrested

The Walking Dead actress Vanessa Cloke was arrested at her home in Orange County, California on [...]

The Walking Dead actress Vanessa Cloke was arrested at her home in Orange County, California on charges of misdemeanor assault and battery. According to TMZ, the incident occurred while Cloke's ex-boyfriend was gathering up his belonging from their apartment. Law enforcement had been called to the site to keep the peace while Cloke's ex moved out. The peace was broken when Cloke became physically involved with a woman who was recording everything taking place. The woman was recording from her phone as Cloke sobbed and screamed comments about her ex, his family, and his animals. The woman can be heard calling Cloke a "drama queen."

As you can see in the above video, Cloke calls the woman a "f***ing c**t" and appears to strike her. Cloke then allegedly took the woman's phone and threw it off of the staircase. The phone landed on a parked car, causing damage to the vehicle.

Sources tell TMZ that Cloke's boyfriend broke up with her recently. It was the boyfriend who called the police and asked that they be present while he collected his things, as he anticipated problems and emotions running high.

Despite police officers' best efforts to keep Cloke calm during the process, things got out of hand. They had asked her to leave, but she was arrested after her confrontation with the woman with the phone.

TMZ reached out to Cloke for comment. She told them, "Can you imagine what it takes to provoke a person to this point?" Then, addressing the person who took the video, she said, "'Tis the season for exploiting and demeaning another human being without the full story."

Cloke appeared on the sixth and seventh seasons of The Walking Dead. She played Anna, one of the residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community. She was one fo the Alexandrians killed during the Saviors' grenade attack on Alexandria.

Cloke's other credits include appearances in Shrunk, Hear Me Out, That's What I Am, The Big Short, Common Law, 90 Minutes in Heaven, Mind Puppets, Slaw, American Horror Story, and NCIS: New Orleans.

While The Walking Dead itself isn't involved in Cloke's current legal troubles, the show has been the subject of its own legal issues lately. The family of a stuntman who died while working on the series was awarded $8 million in a lawsuit, though AMC Networks was found not negligent in the case. There are still two pending lawsuits involving the show's original showrunners, Frank Darabont, though AMC has moved to have one of those lawsuits dismissed.