Vote For Best 'The Walking Dead' Season 8A Episode

Which episode of The Walking Dead Season 8 has been the best, so far? is letting the [...]

Which episode of The Walking Dead Season 8 has been the best, so far? is letting the fans decide!

In the poll below, fans can vote for the best episode from The Walking Dead Season 8A, which launched with the series' 100th overall episode and culminated with a major character revealing a devastating bite mark. Let your voice be heard by casting your vote for best episode in the poll below!

If you need a quick refresher on each episode before voting, check out the guide below!

Episode 8x01 aired on October 22, 2017, celebrating 100 episodes of The Walking Dead with several tributes to iconic moments throughout the series. On top of all of that, Rick Grimes finally brought the fight to Negan and the Saviors and launched the All Out War story arc.

Episode 8x02, The Damned, saw Rick's plan carried out as several off-Sanctuary Savior locations were attacked. Capping the episode was the shocking return of Morales.

Episode 8x03, Monsters, made quick work of Morales as Daryl barged in to put an arrow in his head before Rick's eyes. It was a moment of self-reflection for Rick Grimes, where he realized his group was becoming what they're fighting. It also saw the brilliant performance from Ross Marquand when his character's boyfriend Eric became a walker.

Episode 8x04, Some Guy, followed Eric's death with the more-devastating loss of Shiva the tiger. Leading to the death was Carol returning to form by taking out dozens of Saviors.

Episode 8x05, The Big Scary U, followed up on Negan and Gabriel's entrapment in a trailer outside of the Sanctuary. Before the walkers burst in and the survivors ultimately made it back to the Sanctuary, Negan would open up a bit and reveal his pre-apocalyptic marriage to Gabriel.

Episode 8x06, The King, the Widow, and Rick followed each of the major groups. The synopsis read, "With things looking up for Rick and the group, an argument breaks out at the Hilltop; the consequences of the decision are life versus death." It also saw a helicopter flying over Rick Grimes after his feud with Daryl!

Episode 8x07, Time for After, saw Rick Grimes carrying out a plan at the trash heap which turned Jadis' group into allies. They head out for the Sanctuary but Daryl's plan had backfired and freed them all.

Episode 8x08, How It's Gotta Be, saw Negan bringing his attack back to the Sanctuary in retaliation of Rick's. The most devastating blow, however, wasn't Rick and Negan coming face to face with no one dying. Instead, it was Carl revealing himself to have a bite mark in its final moments.

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