Chandler Riggs Admits 'The Walking Dead' Continuity Error

The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes actor Chandler Riggs has admitted to not seeing eye to eye with the [...]

The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes actor Chandler Riggs has admitted to not seeing eye to eye with the show's continuity on at least one occasion.

Riggs' character lost his right eye in The Walking Dead's sixth season. Ron Anderson took a shot at Rick but missed due to being impaled by Michonne's katana. Since, the character has worn an eye patch of his right eye and had to see the world through his healthy left -- except during an invasion of Oceanside in Season Seven. There, Carl took aim down the sight of a gun as though he were seeing it with his right eye, and Riggs admits he went ahead and aimed like a true righty to make things easier.

"Actually, what we ended up doing, after I got my eye shot out, we ended up switching the holster to my left pant leg," Riggs said. "I had to reach, train my left hand to shoot and aim down. By the time I got to it with machine guns and assault rifles and stuff I just got lazy with it. It felt way too awkward having to try and put it on my left shoulder and aim down with my left eye. It was super weird so I was like, you know what, just forget continuity, this is ridiculous."

In fairness, if someone learned to shoot aiming down the sights with one eye and holding a gun in the corresponding way, they might not want to break such a habit in a moment of walker-surrounded crisis. The aim might be a little off but could ultimately be better than if the hand grip and muscle movements were completely swapped.

Still, it isn't the only time The Walking Dead has committed crimes often referred to as "movie mistakes." In fact, compiled a list of the show's most recent mistakes which are worth a chuckle but dangerously unforgettable.

There won't be any more continuity errors with Carl's eyeball going forward on The Walking Dead, seeing as the apocalypse's favorite son will be bowing out in the devastating Mid-Season Eight premiere.

Following The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Eight premiere on Sunday night,'s After the Dead will be live to recap Chandler Riggs' final episode with executive producer Greg Nicotero and more word from Riggs himself at 10:22 pm ET on ComicBook NOW's Facebook page and Orginals' YouTube channel.

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