The Walking Dead: Daryl Teams Up With Connie and Dog in Season 10 Episode 5

AMC has published the preview for The Walking Dead 10x05, “What It Always Is.” Per its [...]

AMC has published the preview for The Walking Dead 10x05, "What It Always Is." Per its official synopsis: "Supplies go missing from Hilltop; Negan is idolized by an Alexandrian; Ezekiel holds a secret." When sister Kelly (Angel Theory) goes missing from Hilltop, a worried Connie (Lauren Ridloff) sets off with expert hunter Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Dog to retrieve her. The situation is extra worrying because Kelly's hearing is worsening, and the woods are filled with dangers: not only is Kelly shown grappling with walkers, but Whisperers Alpha (Samantha Morton), Beta (Ryan Hurst) and Gamma (Thora Birch) are out there conspiring against our heroes.

In Season 9, Daryl set off with Connie and Dog when Henry (Matt Lintz) left Hilltop to rescue Lydia (Cassady McClincy). Now the gang is back together.

"What I really enjoy about those two together, they have such an interesting dynamic and chemistry, which just has popped from the beginning. I think what we're showing is that they certainly have a blossoming friendship and connection," showrunner Angela Kang previously told EW of the 'Donnie' dynamic. "We see that Daryl has been teaching himself sign language, which certainly says something, that in the mildest form he is doing his best to welcome somebody who needs to use ASL to communicate."

Whether or not 'Donnie' turns romantic, Reedus says Daryl has a deep respect for Connie.

"I think he definitely has started viewing her as an equal," Reedus told EW. "I mean, she can take care of herself. She's definitely smart. There's been moments where Daryl's going, 'I'm going left,' and she says, 'I'm coming with you.' And he goes, 'No, you're not,' but she's like, 'Try to stop me.' I think he admires that about her."

Like Reedus, Ridloff can't say if there will ever be a Daryl-Connie romance, but audiences will see more of the bond that made 'Donnie' an instant fan-favorite in Season 9.

"I can say that they definitely have a lot in common," Ridloff shared with TV Guide through an ASL translator. "They both don't really speak that much. And they both are very strong leaders. They both are very loyal. They will do anything to protect the people that they care about. So I think they definitely have those things in common. Friends or more than that? Who knows! You'll just have to keep watching."

The Walking Dead 10x05, "What It Always Is," will also reveal what happened to the escaped Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), sprung from jail by his guard, fanboy Brandon (Blaine Kern III). The episode premieres Sunday, Nov. 3 at 9/8c on AMC.

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