The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt on Eugene's Satellite Plans

The Walking Dead went into uncharted territory for its Season 10 premiere, opening up on a sequence set in outer space. The zombie apocalypse meant that satellites in orbit would stop being maintained and eventually would come crashing back down to earth. This was put on display when a satellite labelled as USSR property zipped through the frame and crashed just near the Oceanside community in Sunday night's episode. After the chaos of the crash was handled, Eugene Porter demanded he stay behind to collect valuable technology inside the crashed satellite, which Eugene actor Josh McDermitt opened up about.

"I think that he's trying to bring the communities together. There's a great distance between -- and I don't know them specifically, I don't think they would wanna put a number on it -- but I'm like, 'How far is Oceanside from Alexandria? How far was the Sanctuary? How far were these places?' They kind of give us a general idea but they're not specifically like, 'It's X amount of miles!' That's when fans are like, 'Here's why you're wrong!' It's a zombie show guys!"

While McDermitt ultimately got distracted by a photo of his former co-star Sonequa Martin-Green which popped up on a screen in the Paley Center for Media in New York City, it sounds as though his hopes in retrieving technology from the satellite is to make the world a little bit smaller. As the communities continue to grow and sprawl across the southeastern coast of the United States, communication will become more and more important. Furthermore, Rick Grimes is out in the world somewhere, as well as three massive communities, which the surviving character might just need to get in touch with.

"This is my seventh season on the show, it's incredible to think that I've had a job this long," McDermitt said. "I've grown as a person. I've grown as Eugene. All these changes have gone on in my life. Think about anything you've ever done, like a significant point in your life, maybe it's lasted a couple years, whatever. This thing has gone on for seven years and we just got the announcement today that we're picked up for a season eleven and I'm hoping to be around then."

Still, being a part of The Walking Dead, job security is never something that is handed out even if an actor's character has survived. "I don't think you can ever look to the comics and say, 'Well, this happened there, so therefore,'" McDermitt said. "Carol's dead in the comics. Andrea's dead now but for a long time, she was alive annd she was dead on the show. That's just, that's how that goes. I'm just taking it episode to episode. If I die, I die. If I get written out, I get written out."

Watch's full interview with McDermitt in the video above.


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