'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Promises Major Comic Book Moment

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has confirmed a major sequence from Robert Kirkman's [...]

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has confirmed a major sequence from Robert Kirkman's comics is headed to AMC's TV series.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics and TV series follow. Major spoilers!

With the Whisperers arriving on The Walking Dead, one of their defining moments from the comics is looming. The key event which launched the Whisperer War saw Alpha's group of savages infiltrate the Harvest Festival in Alexandria, kidnapping several characters such as Ezekiel and Rosita to behead them and use their heads on pikes to mark their territory. While showrunner Angela Kang isn't promising any pikes sequence or major death, she does ominously admit the festival is coming to the AMC series.

"Yes, we are going to see the festival," Kang told EW. "That becomes a part of the story for the back half of the season. We really dove into the idea of what this festival is in a real way for our people. The origins of these kinds of trade fairs were that people from far-flung communities would take a trek and trade useful goods because not every community had every single thing that they needed. It's a place where people could learn new skills and pick up supplies that they needed. It's also a chance for them to bond as different communities."

With the communities currently torn apart by something which occurred during the six year time jump, the episodes leading up to the festival might explore their differences as flashbacks have also been promised.

"In that context, we really get to see what each community is and how they're even dealing with the very idea of this fair, because obviously, it's been a point of some contention between the Kingdom and Alexandria," Kang went on. "That's a story that we see play out over the course of the back half."

Whether or not the festival spells out a grim fate for Ezekiel and the other victims revealed in issue #144 of the comics remains to be seen. However, each of those promises of these villains being more terrifying than any before them seem to be holding up.

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