'The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero Reveals A Funny Secret About The Helicopter

The Walking Dead's mysterious helicopter was almost overlooked during Season Eight's [...]

The Walking Dead's mysterious helicopter was almost overlooked during Season Eight's production.

Despite being a potentially major moment in the series, The Walking Dead executive producer and director Greg Nicotero admits he almost forgot to include the moment where Rick looked to the sky and saw the helicopter flying overhead. As it turns out, the team never actually had a helicopter on set, which is unusual for a show which tends to keep its effects practical.

"I'll tell you something funny about the helicopter," Nicotero said to Fandom. "Because the helicopter is added in post, we don't shoot a real helicopter. I completely forget about the helicopter because when we're filming we never deal with the helicopter. And then in the script it's like: 'And then a helicopter flies by'. I'm like: 'Who's in the helicopter?'. So, I'll be really honest. I haven't put any thought into the helicopter scenario."

With a crossover on the horizon, taking Morgan Jones from The Walking Dead to its Fear the Walking Dead sibling series, the helicopter won't be his method travel. "I don't think it's a Fear crossover," Nicotero said, and he would know, serving as an executive producer on both shows.

Georgie actress Jayne Atkinson might be ready to claim the helicopter as her characters travels in and out of the Hilltop area.

"It is possible because clearly when they ask her about whether or not, has she done this with other people, she had clearly been doing a scouting process to find out about these different groups," Atkinson told ComicBook.com. "She's clearly been around. So it could very well be. I am just making it up, but it sounds like, from what I know a little bit about her, that she has been around. But no one's known she's there until she chooses to make herself seen and known."

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