'The Walking Dead': Secret Marking On Helicopter May Provide Big Clue

Markings pointed out on The Walking Dead's mysterious helicopter reaffirm its ties to Jadis, who [...]

Markings pointed out on The Walking Dead's mysterious helicopter reaffirm its ties to Jadis, who was ready and waiting to be claimed by the chopper in episode 8x14.

Reddit user sebrebc pointed out markings on the helicopter matched the markings seen on Jadis' can of applesauce from a previous episode, both reminiscent of a mark similar to the famous biological hazard symbol.

The Walking Dead helicopter
(Photo: AMC)

That isn't just a sign the helicopter and the food cache are linked, as we know, but the symbol could possibly be an indication of a military organization still operating in the area nearby — or at least the sign of an unknown group putting governmental tools and supplies to good use.

Among Jadis' possessions were a walkie talkie, and a packed ready-to-go suitcase, both housed in Jadis' simple but decently furnished "apartment."

Jadis had coordinated with whoever is in control of the helicopter to come and collect her, as shown by Jadis' frequent glances at her watch and the signal flares she had prepared, but who those people are, how long Jadis had been in contact with them, and what exactly that whole association is about remains to be discovered.

Though Jadis makes a brief appearance in tonight's season 8 finale of The Walking Dead, answers about the helicopter won't come until a later season.

We don't know if the helicopter is linked to Georgie, who made her sudden first appearance late this season.

The seemingly benevolent benefactor offered Maggie and the Hilltop a "key to a future," namely manuals meant to help the farming community build themselves into something greater.

Whatever happens with the helicopter, its mysterious owners, Jadis, and Georgie, the enigma is likely to be tackled in the upcoming season 9, as the season 8 finale serves as a conclusion for (most) of the first 115 episodes.

"This show will be very much a new show next year and with a bigger, new narrative," said The Walking Dead producer Scott Gimple, who could be hinting at a larger world to be uncovered outside of Alexandria's immediate area.

With All Out War coming to its close tonight, expect the zombie series to expand its horizon beyond the Negan story from episode 9x01 and beyond.

The Walking Dead airs its extended season 8 finale tonight at 9/8c on AMC.