The Walking Dead: Is Heath Dead?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead Season 7!Following the events of The Walking Dead's [...]

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead Season 7!

Following the events of The Walking Dead's latest episode, 'Swear', the fate of Heath is a total mystery. Tara made it out of Oceanside alive, and discovered that her friend hadn't died. At least, not on the bridge.

Tara found broken glasses, presumably belonging to Heath, and tire tracks leading away from the walkers, as she left the area. After picking up a key-card, she looked at the tracks driving away.

Tara ended up back in Alexandria, but what happened to Heath?

There are a few theories here. First, he was kidnapped. It's common knowledge that the Saviors are a force to be reckoned with, and the women of Oceanside only confirmed how far their reach is. They're always out and about, so it would make sense for a group of them to have taken Heath.

He may not be any good driving, not without his glasses anyway. And this theory would add to a comic storyline. A woman named Holly, who was in love with Abraham before he died, ended up becoming Negan's prisoner. Negan later released Holly to Rick and the others, but she had turned into a walker, and killed one of the survivors.

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The possible involvement of The Sanctuary also aides in the dropping of the key-card. With one outpost having been at the satellite station, it's fair to think the group may need keys at their stations.

Another theory is that Heath did, in fact, drive off on his own. There were plenty of cars there, and he could have gotten in one on his own and left. The only problem here, is that he seemed to be in a lot of danger. Did he have the time to find a working car, start it, and peel off before getting hurt?

No matter where he is, it's unlikely that Heath is dead at this moment in time. Sure, Corey Hawkins is starring in another show coming up, but The Walking Dead would likely give him a real goodbye before writing the character off.

Heath may be in danger, but he's definitely alive.

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