The Walking Dead: Is Michonne Going To Kill Negan?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead's latest episode, 'Sing Me A Song'.Michonne is on a [...]

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead's latest episode, 'Sing Me A Song'.

Michonne is on a warpath, and she's directing it all straight towards Negan's Sanctuary. While she may only be one woman, fans of The Walking Dead have learned that Michonne is not to be taken lightly.

Remember what Michonne did to The Governor? She snuck into his room, undetected, and almost killed the man. If anyone can take Negan out, one-on-one, it's Michonne.

At the end of 'Sing Me A Song' Michonne is seen taking a woman hostage. It's clear the woman works for Negan, and Michonne demands to be taken to him. After a brief fight, Michonne proves her dominance and holds a gun to the woman's head.

Michonne asks the woman to take her to Negan, and that's the last time she is seen.

So, is Michonne going to kill Negan?

michonne negan twd

That's her plan, and she's going to at least feel it out. Michonne may get close, but she isn't going to deliver a fatal blow.

First of all, Negan has already been confirmed for season eight. Technically, Michonne could still kill him, but definitely not on this trip.

Second, there is too much of Negan's story left for Michonne to kill him now. A war is about to erupt between the communities, and Negan is at the forefront. With all of the building that this storyline has had leading up to this point, it would be a waste for the main villain to be killed before the war even begins.

If anything, fans should be worried about Michonne at this point. There's no telling what that woman driving the car will do to protect Negan, so Michonne may not be as in control as she believes.

Hopefully, the midseason finale next week will provide some answers.

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