'The Walking Dead': Jon Bernthal Just Owned Andrew Lincoln On Being Judith's Father

When Andrew Lincoln called Jon Bernthal to tell him Judith was Shane's baby on The Walking Dead, [...]

When Andrew Lincoln called Jon Bernthal to tell him Judith was Shane's baby on The Walking Dead, the Shane Walsh actor was more than prepared to continue with the devastating blows.

Bernthal opened up about the moment during his panel aboard the Walker Stalker Cruise in late January, referencing an episode from The Walking Dead's seventh season in which Rick Grimes tells Michonne that Judith is not biologically his daughter. "I mean, I already knew that," Bernthal claims.

When the script for the episode informed Lincoln of the truth, he got in touch with his former co-star. "I think Andy may have called me," Bernthal said. "I think that was the conversation. He said, 'Hey, man, just so you know...' And I told him I already knew!" Yet another burn on an already devastated actor! Poor, Lincoln...

Lincoln, in fact, commented on the matter while talking to ComicBook.com about the Mid-Season premiere which revealed Rick would be losing his son Carl. The actor promises Rick still considers Judith a part of his family. "He's not Judith's father but he's her dad," Lincoln said.

Judith's mother Lori Grimes' actress Sarah Wayne Callies also weighed in on the subject while speaking to Huffington Post after the parentage was revealed on the show. "I'm the mother of an adopted son in reality, so to me the parents of a child are the people who stand up and take responsibility for that child," Callies said before going on with a joke; "God bless her on the nose job she's gonna need because Jon Bernthal's got himself a honker, and mine's not small either."

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