The Walking Dead: Katelyn Nacon On Enid Taking On Sophia's Story

The last time The Walking Dead fans saw Enid, she was locked in a closet in Alexandria as Carl [...]

The last time The Walking Dead fans saw Enid, she was locked in a closet in Alexandria as Carl Grimes set out with his father in an effort to get help for Maggie Greene. Of course, the Saviors were not far and the ride out to the Hilltop was intercepted and we all know what happened next.

Many fans expected Enid to be a part of the scene which saw Negan's vicious introduction as she is largely expected to fill in the blanks of Sophia's comic book storyline on television. On AMC, Sophia was revealed to have died in the second season when she stumbled out of Hershel's barn in walker form but, in Robert Kirkman's comics, she lives on.

The next time we see Enid on The Walking Dead, she won't be starving in the closet but may in fact continue a path towards filling out Sophia's comic book storyline. caught up with Enid actress Kately Nacon at the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta over the weekend to hear about what's next for the character.

"I think she knows how to get herself out of a closet," Nacon said.

Sophia's storyline is one Nacon is familiar with. In fact, she somewhat hopes to see her character take on the role for television.

"She's still alive," Nacon said, grateful for the fact in the event that Enid follows Sophia's storyline.

"Glenn and Maggie adopt her and it was starting to look like that," Nacon said. "They were starting to become almost parental figures in her life. So, maybe, we might see it. I hear Sophia is a total bad-ass in the comics."

As for the relationship between Sophia and Carl which we see unfold in the comics playing out the same way on television, Nacon is a bit reluctant to jump into any relationships.

"I don't know if it's the best thing for both of them but at the same time you always want to see someone be happy," Nacon said. "I really care about Enid. If it brings her happiness instead of pain, then yes."

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