'The Walking Dead' Fans Are Flipping About Maggie's Pregnancy, Again

Following Sunday night's premiere of The Walking Dead's eighth season, the AMC series' fan are [...]

Following Sunday night's premiere of The Walking Dead's eighth season, the AMC series' fan are once again losing their minds over Maggie's pregnancy -- or lack thereof.

While the timeline of The Walking Dead has always remained mostly undefined, there are often indications regarding how much time is passing as each new episode airs. For fans, Negan has been around for more than 18 months, and Maggie revealed her pregnancy more than two years ago. However, since Negan's introduction in April of 2016's Season 6 finale, however, only a few weeks have passed at best.

Still, it looked like Judith had grown as considerable amount in her brief appearance while Maggie is showing zero signs of pregnancy and claiming to be in her second trimester.

The significant growth of Judith and lack of baby bump on Maggie has sent the Internet into a frenzy.

Another indication of the timeline in the Season 8 premiere by comparison to the Season 7 finale was Michonne's appearance. While Michonne was still recovering from her beatdown in Episode 7x16 (and Danai Gurira heads off to film Black Panther), her face is showing much less evidence of the fight which caused her to stay home from Rick's attack on the Sanctuary. The healing would indicate at least a few days, if not an entire week, has passed since the finale.

The complaints about the timeline have reached the cast and crew of The Walking Dead.

"I hear some fans say 'This is bulls---, Maggie's not even showing,'" Eugene actor Josh McDermitt said. "Well, she's like two months along, chill out! Just because it's been a year and a half in your world, this is... It is hard. I have to constantly remind myself to check in with Greg [Nicotero] or Scott [Gimple]. Like 'How long has this been?' because even that episode where Negan came back to Alexandria -- he showed up early. I mean, that was maybe four days, five days. He said 'I'll be back in a week,' and he shows up early."

The case here, however, appears to be one of a young actress growing in the off-season despite only a few weeks having past since Negan's introduction.

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