'The Walking Dead': Michonne And Rosita Are Back In 8x06 Sneak Peek

Michonne and Rosita are back in the extended sneak peek look at The Walking Dead 8x06, 'The King, [...]

Michonne and Rosita are back in the extended sneak peek look at The Walking Dead 8x06, "The King, The Widow, And Rick."

Audiences last saw Michonne and Rosita in the season 8 premiere back on October 22, where the warrior women were sidelined from injuries sustained in the season 7 finale.

Rick forged a deal with the shifty Jadis and her Scavengers, who eventually agreed to stand by Alexandria and help launch a surprise attack on Negan and the Saviors. But the Alexandrians were double crossed by the Scavengers, who held our heroes at gunpoint until a sacrifice by Sasha allowed Carl and others to open fire on the traitors.

A massive battle followed, with a cavalry lead by Maggie and the Hilltop forces and King Ezekiel and the Kindom's forces joining the fight guns ablazin'. During the scuffle, Rosita was shot and Michonne was nearly in a brutal hand-to-hand fight with a Scavenger, who Michonne eventually bested and chucked off a roof. Come episode 8x01, and Michonne and Rosita were left behind at Alexandria to heal up as Rick, Maggie, Ezekiel and the alliance marched to the Sanctuary to initiate their multi-pronged attack.

Rosita: Rick said stay put.

Michonne: I'm just gonna look.

Rosita: You're still healing. Get some rest, get ready for the next fight.

Michonne: I'll be back soon.

She doesn't listen. Rosita doesn't either. She takes the passenger's seat.

Michonne: You're still healing. You were shot. I was just beat up.

Rosita: I've been shot worse than this. Drive.

Michonne and Rosita don't factor into Rick's plan, but their stubborness could be a good thing: as shown in the preview for 8x06, Rick sets off alone to strike a deal with the untrustworthy Scavengers — a deal that just might get him into trouble. Again.

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