New 'The Walking Dead' Clip Hints at Daryl Leading Hilltop

A new clip from The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Nine premiere hints at Daryl taking on a leadership [...]

A new clip from The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Nine premiere hints at Daryl taking on a leadership role at the Hilltop.

Since the disappearance of Rick Grimes, Daryl has isolated himself with a solo life in the woods. After reuniting with his family of survivors, a search for Eugene ended with Daryl and others witnessing the death of Paul "Jesus" Rovia. In the Mid-Season Nine premiere, that group will deliver Jesus to the Hilltop but also seek to help them moving forward.

In the clip above, Michonne and Daryl talk about how they can help the community. "Why is this even up to me?" Daryl asks Michonne.

"You're the best damn judge of character I know," Michonne tells him. "Without Jesus or Maggie, these people need you."

It's likely Daryl and Michonne are talking about what to do with Whisperer member Lydia, daughter of the group's leader; Alpha. In trailers for the upcoming episode, Cassady McClincy's new character can be seen as a hostage at the Hilltop which is a story consistent with Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics.

With Jesus gone, Tara likely stepped up to fill the leadership void at the Hilltop. Michonne insists she is not enough, though.

"Tara's smart but she shouldn't do it alone," Michonne tells Daryl. "What we did, bringing Jesus back, it's gonna help them move on but after that it's about doing whatever it takes to not bury more."

Daryl has never been eager to lead but his time at Alexandria has shown him to be a good judge of character. The trait is what brought on a strong bond between Daryl and Aaron, as Aaron was a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone who would find survivors outside of the community's walls. With the Hilltop's leadership position currently vacated, Daryl Dixon could be the filler for such a void.

Do you think Daryl should be a leader at the Hilltop? Is Tara sufficient for the community's future? If not, which character do you think should be running the show in the well-established community? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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