'The Walking Dead': New Negan Jailbreak Details Revealed

Fans of The Walking Dead comic have a certain expectation for Negan's jailbreak on the AMC series [...]

Fans of The Walking Dead comic have a certain expectation for Negan's jailbreak on the AMC series and they will see a slightly altered version of it in the coming episodes.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV show follow. Major spoilers!

As the story goes in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, Negan busts out of his Alexandria prison cell and joins the Whisperers for a moment. His tenure among the savages is short-lived as he elects to behead their leader and deliver it back to Alexandria's leader like a trophy. It's a bit early for such a story to be brought to the TV series but Negan's journey outside of jail will be similar to the comics still, according to showrunner Angela Kang.

"We'll also find out what happened with Negan, now that he has broken out of the jail cell," Kang told EW. "We get to tell a really, I think, pretty cool story with Negan, as he goes on an adventure of his own."

Some previews for the upcoming episodes revealed Negan heading back to his Sanctuary stomping ground, though it is now abandoned as the last Saviors were killed by Carol.

"It's not exactly the story that was in the comics, but we thought that it would be really interesting to see," Kang went on. "Negan has wanted out of that cell. He kind of got to a point where he was like, 'Just kill me.' Then we saw him after the big time jump kind of in a place of semi-acceptance of his fate, but he's always wanted something more. He feels like he can be more in this world and so he sets out to prove that that's still possible. What he finds is a really interesting and different world out there from the time that he came into prison."

It's been so long for Negan, he might not like what he finds outside. "If you think about it, for him, so many years have passed, whereas our people have been adapting to the changing world, he's just been in the cell this whole time," Kang said. "He learns some pretty interesting things while he's out there. I think it's really great to see Jeffrey do this really interesting almost Western-esque journey that I think will be fun for fans of Negan to see."

What do you want to see from Negan as he breaks out of jail? Share your thoughts and expectations in the comment section!

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