'The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Tells Story of Getting Bitten by a Fan

In preparing The Walking Dead newcomer Dan Fogler for his first Walker Stalker Con, Daryl Dixon [...]

In preparing The Walking Dead newcomer Dan Fogler for his first Walker Stalker Con, Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus told the story of a fan biting him at one of those events.

"Get ready," Reedus told Fogler on his 4D Experience podcast. "I think it was probably Jersey where I got bitten in the chest. I don't know if you've heard that story."

The event happened about a year ago when Reedus was posing for a photo. "Do you remember, I did this Entertainment Weekly cover and I had a shirt that side 'Bite Me' on it?" Reedus started. "Michelle Romero came up with this idea last minute and it ended up being a cover. After this incident, they started making, 'Don't bite me.' There's a lady in our line that will, 'Please don't bite Norman! No licking, no kissing!' Stuff like that."

Those warning are clearly not unwarranted. "We were doing one of [those Walker Stalker Con events], I believe it was [in New Jersey], we're doing these photographs," Reedus explained. "Michael Rooker happened to be in the little roped off area and this lady came up." This is when everything went haywire. "She put her arm around me, we were posing for a picture, and she kinda turned into a werewolf," Reedus explained. "She looked up in the sky and started to shake and then her teeth came and clomped down on my chest. She was tackled. She didn't break skin but there were teeth marks there. Right through my clothes. She got tackled, got brought out, and as she came outside, she said, 'What happened?' They said, 'Ma'am, I think you bit Norman.' She was like, 'What? No, I didn't!' They were, 'Do you wanna press charges?' I'm like, 'No, she's a nice lady, she just had a moment.' They can get pretty wild. She kind of turned into a werewolf. She shook and the whole thing."

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