The Walking Dead is Headed to Pittsburgh

The Walking Dead looks like it is going to be headed to Pittsburgh before its tenth season comes [...]

The Walking Dead looks like it is going to be headed to Pittsburgh before its tenth season comes to an end. The AMC zombie series is looking to follow the story laid out in its comic book source material which calls for a group of characters to journey to the Commonwealth community in Ohio. Along the way, this group journeys through a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh. Now, in addition to Paola Lazaro having been cast a character who appears along this journey, a teaser image released by Skybound's The Walking Dead Twitter account features the skyline of Pittsburgh and some other big teases.

The photo sees all of the characters currently on The Walking Dead gathering for a Thanksgiving dinner. Off to one side Alpha, Beta, and Negan look on as the Whisperer outcasts that they are. On the right side, Lauren Cohan's Maggie is literally walking back into the picture as she is primed for a return for season 10 comes to an end.

The big tease, however, comes in the background of the shot. It looks like Pittsburgh's skyline can be seen in the distance, which is on par with the story from the comics. While this image could be nothing more than a pool of expectations rather than any sort of confirmations, it seems to be an accurate representation of what will be coming in the next eight episodes of The Walking Dead.

Take a look at The Walking Dead''s Thanksgiving dinner photo in the tweet below.

The Walking Dead is officially on its mid-season hiatus following a 2019 finale loaded with surprises. The official premiere date for the back half of the show's tenth season has been revealed with it set to begin airing on February 23, 2020. 2020 will be a busy year for The Walking Dead universe. Following The Walking Dead Season 10's back half, AMC will premiere the still untitled third Walking Dead series in the spring. The 10-episode first season for that series will be followed (if not split up by) the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead which will go into production within the next couple of weeks. The Walking Dead wrapped production on its tenth season earlier this month.

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The Walking Dead will return for the back half of its tenth season in February of 2020.