‘The Walking Dead’ Star in the Dark About Rick Grimes Movie Involvement

Former The Walking Dead star Pollyanna McIntosh doesn’t yet know if Anne, formerly Jadis, will [...]

Former The Walking Dead star Pollyanna McIntosh doesn't yet know if Anne, formerly Jadis, will be involved in the first installment of a television movie trilogy to be headlined by Rick Grimes star Andrew Lincoln.

Despite McIntosh's character being the only group member to know Rick Grimes survived his explosive apparent death at the bridge, the actress told TV Guide she has yet to be tapped for the project.

"They want to shoot next year, so if I don't hear by Christmas I'll know that I'm not doing it, won't I?" McIntosh said with a laugh.

She has yet to see a script but believes one is now being penned, because "otherwise more of us would know about what's going on," she said. "They take their time to make it the best they can be, and they've got that time, so why wouldn't they use it?"

McIntosh elaborated on the multiple iterations of Rick's endgame, one of which would have seen Rick killed off in his final season and another that would have seen Anne and Rick abscond in the helicopter a season earlier in Season Eight.

When McIntosh learned in January Rick would survive — leaving by helicopter to parts unknown, rescued by Anne and the mysterious helicopter community — the actress was relieved.

"I'm incredibly grateful that my character got to do something so important as she was leaving" she said. "And also that I didn't die."

Former showrunner turned chief content officer Scott Gimple, mastermind behind the Rick Grimes movie trilogy for AMC Studios, previously confirmed with EW Lincoln is off the mothership series for good and that the first entry in the movie saga will explore the "vast mythology" behind the helicopter group and reveal answers about the "A" and "B" classifications.

When asked if Anne would be similarly moving over to the movie franchise, Gimple answered, "She is on that helicopter, so that would be a yes."

The Walking Dead often keeps its stars in the dark: Jesus star Tom Payne admitted as much at Salt Lake City's FanX convention in September, where he noted the actors are "never really told in advance where the story is headed and or what's gonna happen."

Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan told The Rich Eisen Show that "no one tells you much on this show," leaving the future of their characters largely a mystery.

"But not knowing, it's hard, it's hard. Because you want everything to kind of connect and make sense," Morgan said.

"And this show's never been really big on [sharing too much] — just because of the nature of the beast, and how many people would love to kind of spoil it for other people — we keep everything very tight and top secret."

AMC has yet to announce a premiere date for the first Walking Dead movie, now being readied for a 2019 production start.