The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne's Spinoff Series Gets Awesome New Update

The Walking Dead fans waiting for Rick and Michonne's reunion on AMC were in for a treat on New Years Day, as actress Danai Gurira just revealed new photos showing she and Andrew Lincoln are currently hard at work on the new series. After the series finale of The Walking Dead ended with a glimpse at both of the fan-favorite characters' respective journeys since they departed the show, the tease just served to reignite the fandom who are excited to see where Michonne and Rick go next. Rick was loaded on that helicopter and Michonne left to find him... now what?

Well we won't have to wait long. In a new Instagram post, Gurira posted photos of her with Lincoln and The Walking Dead's Chief of Content Officer Scott Gimple, who is returning to the franchise as showrunner for the sequel series. Gurira captioned her photos: "#Richonne spin-off. 2023. Pre-production is in full swing. We're getting there!"

Fans are eager to learn just how the two characters reunite and where their journey will take them, especially after the epic finale for The Walking Dead. Fans were treated to surprising new footage which showed Rick Grimes in Civic Republic Military gear, seemingly on the run as a deserter, while Michonne was on the hunt to save the father of their children. previously spoke with director Greg Nicotero about how the finale set up the new series. During the discussion, he explained the intention was to come full circle and show the heart of Rick Grimes' journey throughout the entire series.

"The idea really was that it was intended to be these short, small impressionistic images that tell us that Rick is still alive and he's still fighting to get home, and Michonne is out there, and she's still fighting to find him," said Nicotero.

"And in this particular moment in time, they're thinking about each other, and they're thinking about the people that they love and the people that they've lost," the director says. "And to do that, and to know that the reason that they are still dedicated to their fight, is because of the people that they lost and the people that they love. So, that was what it was all about. And without a doubt, I feel that we captured that spirit, and the spirit of moving forward what the world has in store for them."

Now that pre-production is underway, hopefully we learn more about the premiere date of Rick and Michonne's Walking Dead spinoff very soon.