'The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Remembers Scott Wilson

The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun remembered Hershel actor Scott Wilson while talking to Larry King.

Wilson passed away earlier in October at the age of 76 after a bout with leukemia. "Scott Wilson is someone that you get the privilege of running into in this life and you get to see what living a full life looks like," Yeun said, as seen in the video above. "He's just a joyful man that was incredibly thankful and grateful in each moment."

On the same night as Wilson's passing, the AMC series has announced he would be returning to the series in its current ninth season at New York Comic Con. Moments after the show's New York Comic Con panel ended, the fans, cast, and crew learned of Wilson's passing.

"The crowd went nuts, they were so excited [about Wilson's return], and we came off stage and almost immediately found out, then after that, that Scott had sadly passed away," Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick said on the first live Talking Dead of the new season which followed Episode 9x02.

"Of course, we're all going to look forward to seeing Scott reprise the role of Hershel, as emotional and bittersweet as that is. But I just had to say Scott was such an incredibly kind and talented man and elevated every room that he was in. He was someone that I really cared deeply about, and I always enjoyed seeing him."


Wilson played Hershel Greene on The Walking Dead in its second, third, and fourth seasons. The character bowed out in a death from the Governor, true to the comic book fate which Tyreese suffered.

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