Spoiler-Filled Synopsis For 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Episodes Revealed

The synopsis for Episode 8x14 and Episode 8x12 of The Walking Dead have been revealed, teeing up [...]

The synopsis for Episode 8x14 and Episode 8x12 of The Walking Dead have been revealed, teeing up some interesting spoilers for fans eager to predict the future.

Episode 8x12's synopsis reads, "Hilltop's leadership faces a difficult decision after the arrival of unexpected visitors." The episode is titled, "The Key." Episode 8x14's synopsis reads, "A Heaps prisoner makes an discovery, Rick and Morgan find themselves in the company of strangers." A title for Episode 8x14 has not yet been revealed.

Episode 8x12's interesting reveal is the "unexpected visitors" heading to the Hilltop. This is the location where Alexandria is setting out to in order to get the entire group together in a joint effort to take on the Saviors. While some may initially suspect Simon or another Savior faction could be attacking the location which has Savior prisoners, the arrival could be the likes of Carol, Daryl, or other members of Team Family.

Episode 8x14's synopsis, however, is considerably revealing. First of all, a member of the Heaps community will be taken prisoner. After a major spoiler was revealed regarding the Scavengers group in the Season 8B trailer, there doesn't seem to be many Heapsters left for claiming unless the Saviors made an example out of the group which was willing to attack them and took one survivor prisoner.

More interesting is Rick and Morgan's journey. By Episode 8x14, Morgan's time on The Walking Dead will be limited to two more episodes before he heads off to Fear the Walking Dead for the mysterious crossover. With Morgan bent on killing every last Savior at the moment, it will interesting to see his perspective clash with Rick's after Carl's last words were used to plead with his father to find another way.

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