New 'The Walking Dead' Season 9B Teaser Trailer Released

The whisperers are growing into screams. #TWD— The Walking Dead AMC [...]

A new teaser trailer for The Walking Dead's upcoming Season 9B has been released.

In the new teaser, Samantha Morton's Whisperer leader Alpha reveals herself and speaks, introducing the show's new conflict. "Your people crossed into our land," she says. "Your people killed our people. There will be conflict." She then goes on to introduce herself: "I am Alpha."

Morton will carry out her debut as Alpha in the upcoming Mid-Season Nine premiere. From there, the AMC series is aiming to move at full speed straight through the Whisperer story, a highly-anticipated arc from Robert Kirkman's comics.

The Whisperers first appeared in The Walking Dead comics in issue #130, just four issues after the war with Negan was resolved. Issue #127 was the first to follow that All Out War story, seeing a massive time jump carried out between issues #126 and #127. On the TV series, a pair of time jumps followed the war, with the first being about 18 months and the second being about six years. More time has passed on AMC's show than in the Image Comics series.

The villainous was first overheard whispering about members of Rick's group they had encountered in issue #130. As a result, survivors began to think they were either going crazy or that the walkers were evolving and starting to talk. Neither was the case and they would learn this quickly, as the deadly group would go on to claim several victims.

The group is lead by Alpha, a bald woman whose true name is never revealed. Ruthless in her ways, Alpha insists any member of her Whisperer group leave any signs of civilization and emotion behind. Nearly anything goes when it comes to survival among the Whisperers and barbaric practices seem to triumph. Alpha's daughter, Lydia, becomes a problem when she develops a relationship with Carl Grimes. Lydia will be portrayed by Cassady McClincy on The Walking Dead TV show.

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