'The Walking Dead' Fans Troll Rick With Judith Family Portrait

The Walking Dead fans are savages when it comes to Rick's relationship to Judith with Shane being [...]

The Walking Dead fans are savages when it comes to Rick's relationship to Judith with Shane being her true father.

When AMC released an a promo for its upcoming episodes in the form of Judith's drawings representing her family, some fans called out, "Where is Shane?" Of course, this was all just trolling the characters who have properly raised Judith to be the survivor she is on the show today, especially considering she has never met her biological father.

First, check out the promo from AMC's The Walking Dead Twitter account below.

It's nice. It's a warm-hearted message about the survivors on the show and some of the lost and still-beloved names like Carl (Rick isn't there anymore, but he's a live somewhere).

However, once fans and their photoshop get involved, the family tree is filled out a bit more properly (though, technically, it is also missing Judith's biological mother Lori). Check out the savage update to Judith's family drawing in the tweet from Jay Jayson below.

Rick Grimes just can't catch a break with The Walking Dead fandom! Although, fans should admit, this trolling is pretty top-notch.

Shane Walsh did make a brief return to The Walking Dead for Rick's final episode early in Season Nine. Jon Bernthal put on the old police uniform and set in a cruiser with Andrew Lincoln as they recreated the moments from the show's very first episode which aired in 2010. As a result, Bernthal won the award of Best TV Guest Appearance in ComicBook.com's 2018 Golden Issue Awards.

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