‘The Walking Dead’ Star Warns of “Grisly” Events Still Ahead

The Walking Dead star Dan Fogler warns Season Nine will soon get even more “grisly,” and hints [...]

The Walking Dead star Dan Fogler warns Season Nine will soon get even more "grisly," and hints at least one character will reach their same tragic end from Robert Kirkman's comic books. During an appearance on Minnesota's The Five Count radio show, Fogler was asked about The Walking Dead's no-one-is-safe modus operandi, which Fogler says is "like life."

"You never know, you never know what's gonna happen. So you're all in to every single moment, in the moment," Fogler said. "And yeah man, and I read the comic books, so I know what the path is of my character already. And there's a lot of grisly stuff that happens [laugh]. So I'm just ready for the axe to fall at any moment myself."

In the books — spoilers — Luke falls victim to the Whisperers when the walker skin-wearing enemies, posing as allies, infiltrate the fair thrown to encourage trade between the Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom communities. Among the pretenders is unrecognizable Whisperer leader Alpha, who lures multiple survivors away from the fair and then murders them.

Luke's decapitated and reanimated head is one of a dozen placed on pikes as part of a macabre border marking the Whisperers' territory, which is not to be crossed lest the savages unleash a horde of corralled walkers on Rick Grimes and his budding civilization. Other victims of the pikes include a pregnant Rosita, who was romantically involved with Eugene, and King Ezekiel, whose death leaves once-lover Michonne devastated.

The death of their friend spurs tight knit group Magna, Yumiko, Connie, and Kelly to join the militia assembled by Rick, Maggie, and others to combat the Whisperers. The survivors are then embroiled in another strife, the Whisperer War, with the villains now commanded by Beta, former lieutenant to Alpha.

That storyline is expected to play out in Season Ten, already officially renewed for an October return to AMC. It will be the final season for Michonne star Danai Gurira, who will appear intermittently throughout next season ahead of a suspected jump to the movie side of the franchise led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

In addition to his Walking Dead role, Fogler stars as Jacob Kowalski in Warner Bros.' Harry Potter prequel series Fantastic Beasts. He's due back for the third film, expected to head in front of cameras in late 2019.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.


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