'The Walking Dead' Parody Adds Lyrics to the Theme

The Walking Dead's theme song with lyrics that are surprisingly honest might be the funniest video of the day for fans with any sort of knowledge regarding the AMC zombie drama

"In Atlanta, Georgia there's a deadly virus making zombies," the songs lyrics start. "And a few survivors who have found each other get to bonding. In communities we gain humanity, try not give up, living peaceful lives but when this group arrives it all goes t--s up." It goes on to name the CDC, the farm, Woodbury, Alexandria, and Terminus (even if they were evil).

"And by the way, I call the zombies what they are," a verse goes. "Not walkers, biters, biters, geeks, lame brains, skin-eaters, creepers... Have these people seen a horror film at all?"

It's a video you'll have to watch for yourself as its viral nature garners thousands of views. Not only has YouTube channel The Warp Zone earned 85,000 views on the platform with this video, but several fans have ripped the video to share on other social media platforms, as well. On twitter, the video went viral among The Walking Dead fans and earned a boatload of retweets and more views.

Going forward, it will be a challenge to listen to The Walking Dead theme song without thinking of the lyrics which The Warp Zone put to it!


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