The Walking Dead: Third Show Trailer Released

The Walking Dead starts its tenth season on Sunday night, just as its first spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead wrapped up its fifth season. Now, not only is the AMC zombie series looking at a movie based on the unfinished story of Rick Grimes but it is also preparing to launch a third series. At New York Comic Con on Saturday, AMC revealed the first trailer for that series.

The third The Walking Dead series will premiere on AMC in 2020, set in a distant version from the start of the apocalypse, showcasing the lives of the end of the world's first generation to have grown up with zombies around.

As the universe continues to expand with new titles diving into different regions of the zombie apocalypse, Gimple's work as chief content officer overseeing the brand as a whole changes. "It's daunting, but I don't know, you draw inspiration from each group, from each crew, from each cast, from each showrunner," Gimple said. "You see opportunities to tie things between the shows and within the universe. You also are like, 'Whoa, look out, they're doing this on the other show, so you might want to back off of that.' You're also looking for differentiation, and telling really different stories, and the shows take different types of chances, and I think it allows for a varied universe. I think that if somebody watches the other Walking Dead shows and expect it to be exactly like The Walking Dead, that's not going to happen. The Walking Dead is The Walking Dead. They're the anchor and the other shows provide different things, different stories, different perspectives."


The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.