The Walking Dead: Where Did Negan Take Daryl?

Major spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere and beyond follow.

The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere not only saw the deaths of some Alexandrians but but also saw one of the survivors taken hostage by Negan.

After acting out against Negan for his vicious kills and disturbing way of rubbing it in, Daryl was forced to part ways with his group before Season 7 premiere ended and hang out with the new villain a little bit longer.

With the biggest question of the year answered, the new question Walking Dead fans are begging to have answered is, "Where did Negan take Daryl?"

Negan took Daryl to the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is where Negan's group, the Saviors, call home. It's more or less and rusty warehouse with walkers chained to its walls for protection. It is where Negan and Lucille lay their heads with their many wives.

The crew behind the AMC series has promised to explore the Sanctuary in Season 7 and, in doing so, will provide insight about how Negan operates. Based on Robert Kirkman's comics, a lot is already known about the hideout.

While the exact location is never specified, the inner workings of the Sanctuary are revealed on the black and white pages. Negan has his own space which is occupied by his harem of wives. Yes, one of those wives is Dwight's girlfriend. However, despite such a selfish method of stealing everybody's girlfriend, Negan enforces a strict no-rape policy amongst his group.

Walking Dead Season 7 Negan Kills Daryl
(Photo: AMC)

Anybody who violates Negan's rules is punished in front of all of the Saviors nearby. It is a barbaric treatment which sees Negan press a hot iron against any disobedient Saviors face as a form of physical punishment which also serves as a reminder to the rest of the gang what will happen if they try anything themselves.

"He's a prisoner of war at this point. He doesn't know what is going to happen to him," Norman Reedus told in an exclusive interview. "Part of him doesn't care. He goes to a point where this is the shitty world we live in, and the weight of so many things is weighing on him right now that he's lost the will to fight a bit."

The Sanctuary is also the home to one of the most epic battles in The Walking Dead comics. After Rick rallies Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom to unify in war with their common enemy, soldiers march to Negan's doorstep and bring the fight to him. However, the Hilltop's Gregory has betrayed the communities in his cowardice. Nevertheless, a battle ensues.

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Long story short, though: Daryl has been taken to the Sanctuary with Negan and he'll likely be staying there until Negan makes his first visit to Alexandria during the first half of Season 7.

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