The Walking Dead: "Where is Rick Grimes?" Answered

The Walking Dead brought no shortage of references to Rick Grimes in its new episode on Sunday [...]

The Walking Dead brought no shortage of references to Rick Grimes in its new episode on Sunday night. Naturally, everyone is asking questions about where he is, as characters are for the first time taking into consideration that Rick may have survived the explosion on the bridge back in Season 9. For the characters, this was six years ago, which means Rick has been off on his journey with Jadis and the helicopter people for far longer than the audience has been missing him. Still, there are plenty of clues to figure out where he might be as we desperately await some sort of news about the movies.

In the teaser for The Walking Dead movies which are going to hit theaters, the skyline for Philadelphia was on display. This is uncharted territory within The Walking Dead universe, which is exactly what chief content officer Scott Gimple has been promising would be explored.

There is other reason to believe Rick Grimes is in Philadelphia. In the comics, the group heads up to the Commonwealth community by way of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, on the TV series, it looks as though Eugene will lead a similar group of characters to Charleston, West Virginia as they ultimately meet with the group who -- in the comics -- is rooted in Ohio. Perhaps the TV series moved the destination of Eugene's journey as a means to keep the group away from Philadelphia?

Originally, The Walking Dead was thinking about having Rick Grimes be in New York for his movie. However, it appears the location has shifted despite remaining in the northeast portion of the country and been committed to following the teaser trailer from San Diego Comic-Con.

However, it seems Rick Grimes may have made some sort of pit stop near Oceanside on his way out of the Alexandria area -- or, at least, encountered Virgil's boat in another location. Regardless, as revealed on's After the Dead in a live show following a Season 9 episode of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes headed "north" of Alexandria and his story should be unfolding over the next couple of years.

The upcoming The Walking Dead: World Beyond series might have strong ties to the Rick Grimes film, running for only two years and exploring the CRM group which took Rick Grimes away from Alexandria and also appeared on Fear the Walking Dead. The notion of World Beyond leading straight into a reveal of where Rick is or, at least where the movie starts, is not one which fans should rule out.

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