'The Walking Dead': Who Dies in Episode 9x14?

With only three episodes remaining in The Walking Dead's ninth season, the characters are facing [...]

With only three episodes remaining in The Walking Dead's ninth season, the characters are facing threats like never before. While human to human conflict has long been an issue on the AMC zombie series, the newest batch of villains have shown more animalistic traits than ever before posing as Whisperers walking among the dead. The Whisperers are looking to make their mark soon and remind characters and audiences that how much of a threat they are...

Sunday night's The Walking Dead Episode 9x14 is titled, "Scars." The official synopsis for Scars reads, "An outsider's arrival forces Alexandria to rehash devastating old wounds. Eye-opening secrets from the past are revealed." Scars is directed by Millicent Shelton on a script from Corey Reed and Vivian Tse.

Let's take a look at who is in danger and who is safe in The Walking Dead Episode 9x14...

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Michonne- Safe. Mysteries surrounding Michonne will unravel in Sunday night's episode. While she will face danger in the episode, it will come in flashback form, as viewers know Michonne has already survived the time since Rick left. This means she cannot be in danger.

Negan- Safe. Negan returns to The Walking Dead on Sunday night for a brief sequence. He might earn a few points from the locals for the choice but he probably won't be leaving the cell or facing real danger any time soon but he might be offering some leadership advice.

Carol- Safe. After surviving a bizarre journey to find a projector bulb at a movie theater, Carol has once again proved to be one of the toughest survivors on this entire list. Her biggest concern, for now, is to make sure the Kingdom pulls off the Fair and gains some resources from it. Absent from 9x14.

Daryl- Safe. Like Michonne, the trouble Daryl will face will be in the past, meaning he can't bow out as he also survived the years which have followed Rick's disappearance.

Alpha- Safe. Alpha's logic has been on display and her savage ways keep her alive. With a loyal group ready to fight and follow her, Alpha's story has only just begun and the war is beginning to intensify.

Siddiq- Danger. Given the One Doctor rule on The Walking Dead, both Siddiq and Enid will remain in danger until the show inevitably takes one from us. Plus, he has a baby on the way, and kids don't really get to have two parents on this show.

Enid- Danger. See the first half of above. Plus, add both characters being in a relationship, and look at how relationships usually go on this show.

Gabriel- Safe. Gabriel has remained quiet on The Walking Dead recently but his love triangle of sorts with Rosita might not be resolved by a death but instead character decisions and interactions. He's about to be a father and he'll probably see that baby born.

Ezekiel- Safe. Ezekiel's comic book death is closer than ever but if it is going to be carried out it's not going to be in Episode 9x14 as it centers around other characters.

Jerry- Danger. This one is just a gut feeling given The Walking Dead's history. Everyone has fallen in love with Jerry, Jerry has fallen in love, and now he has a kid. It's a perfect set up for a heartbreaking and infuriating loss late in the season and one the show has seen before.

Tara- Danger. Being the leader at the Hilltop hasn't kept anyone on the show (Gregory, Maggie, Jesus) so leading a small group on across the roads will put her in a dangerous spot and threats grow larger and closer.

Rosita- Safe. Though pregnant and possibly facing the realization of her comic book death, there is no indication of Rosita facing danger within the show's current narrative in terms of Episode 9x14's Michonne and Daryl centric story.

Eugene- Safe. Eugene will continue to harden and evolve as he has in recent years on The Walking Dead, with knowledge of Rosita's pregnancy only pushing him further.

Aaron- Safe. Aaron gets back into the story in Episode 9x14, playing a role in Michonne's heartbreaking backstory from the past few years

Alden- Safe. After narrowly escaping the Whisperer exchange at the Hilltop, Alden remains safely tucked away in his homeland.

Luke- Safe. Luke faces no known threats at the moment, having also survived the Whisperer exchange, so there is no reason to believe he will face danger in Episode 9x14.

Connie- Safe. Connie and Daryl survived their encounter with Beta and the Whisperers, marking both of them safe for the time being.


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