Twitter Reacts to The Walking Dead's Brutal Kills

Spoiler alert for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere! You have been warned! Massive spoilers!The [...]

Spoiler alert for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere! You have been warned! Massive spoilers!

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere has aired, and it was painful. The brutal deaths of not one but two beloved characters were very difficult, very graphic, and it was a painful hour for fans of the show. Yes, Abraham and Glenn are gone now, Negan has arrived in full force, and Rick seems to be just completely broken.

TWD Negan S7

We were watching with you live on Facebook, and you saw our reactions. Twitter was alive as the #TWD and #TheWalkingDead hashtags lit up - it's the top trending topic, and that's not likely to change for the next few hours. Here are some of the thoughts you, the fans had when you saw these two kills happen.

Yeah, that one hit home...

Then, the first death hit: Abraham. Many people were upset, but some thought it was a bit of a bait and switch.

And then... Daryl lashed out, and that meant it was time for another example to be made.

And that destroyed the fandom.

Yeah, that's pretty much the perfect gif, isn't it? many people tweeted that particular gif out, crying right there along with Glenn. But hey, Negan is definitely 100% a villain we can all be terrified of.

Time to update this image again... time to make Glenn black-and-white. RIP Glenn and Abraham.

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The Walking Ded airs Sunday night's @9/8c on AMC.