'The Walking Dead': Carl's Journey Trailer Released

Carl's journey on The Walking Dead has almost come an end, and AMC has released a new trailer just [...]

Carl's journey on The Walking Dead has almost come an end, and AMC has released a new trailer just in case you forgot.

A new promo, titled "Carl's Journey" has started airing on the network in preparation for the beloved character's final episode, which is set to air this Sunday. You can watch the full trailer above, just be sure you've got your tissues handy!

The preview shows off Carl's time on The Walking Dead from the very beginning, featuring scenes from Chandler Rigg's performance in the first couple of seasons. Carl was nothing more than a young child when the show started back in 2010. This first section, which featured Carl as a "friend," included the young boy having conversations with Shane, his father Rick, and Michonne, who he befriended long before she began dating his father.

As the preview goes on, it begins telling Carl's story as a "hero." In this second, and final section of the trailer, Carl is a fully-grown adult, coming into his own as someone who put himself at risk to save others. He's seen in the woods, helping Siddiq find a safe home, even when Rick advised against it.

The trailer ends with The Walking Dead title card coming into view, with the words "Carl's Journey Ends" sliding in underneath it.

A couple of months ago, The Walking Dead's midseason finale came to a close by revealing that Carl had been bitten a while back, and that there was no way he could survive it. The very last seen in the episode saw Carl telling his devastating truth to Rick and Michonne.

Leading up to his death, Carl has been one of only four characters that have been featured on the show in each season since the series premiere. Rick, Daryl, and Carol will now be the only ones left from Season 1. Morgan Jones appeared in the series premiere, but was absent from the show for seasons at a time before coming on as a series regular two years ago.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, February 25 at 9pm ET on AMC.