How Shiva Died in 'The Walking Dead' Comics

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead! Continue reading at your own risk...

Plenty of people have died over the course of eight seasons of The Walking Dead and, while many of them made audiences cry, it was the death of a tiger that had people aching in front of their TV screens. The tragic death of Shiva the tiger has everyone in a very emotional state, but comic fans likely saw it coming.

In fact, if you've read Robert Kirkman's source material, you'll know that the death in the show was exactly the same as the one in the comics.

When the All Out War storyline began in The Walking Dead comic books, Ezekiel started out just about the same way he did on the show. He was way too confident marching into war.

The King tried to lead his people into battle at one of the Saviors' compounds, underestimated the resistance he would face there, and was quickly overrun. This caused him to lose almost all of his men, including his loyal right-hand-man Richard, who actually died earlier in the show. When Ezekiel tried to escape with his life, he found himself surrounded by walkers in the woods.

Suddenly, Shiva appeared out of the trees and dives for a group of the walkers. She fought off as many as she could before being swarmed and killed.

If you were wondering, it was just as sad in the comics as it was on the show. Hopefully, just as he did in the book series, Ezekiel can bounce back from his devastating loss, and become a good leader once again.


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