Why Simon's Days on 'The Walking Dead' Are Numbered

While it seemed like Simon once had virtually all of the power on The Walking Dead, it now looks [...]

While it seemed like Simon once had virtually all of the power on The Walking Dead, it now looks as though his days could be numbered. Negan's right-hand-man has likely put the nail in his own coffin this season, and he won't be enjoying the land of the living for much longer.

As we've learned over the last couple of seasons, Negan won't hesitate to kill anyone who compromises something he is trying to accomplish. He proved that fact once again just a couple of episodes ago, when he found out that his Saviors tried to make decisions without him.

This is where the trouble for Simon begins.

Remember, Simon has been doing everything he can to take over Negan's position as the leader of the Saviors. He even went behind Negan's back last Sunday when he was told to reach a deal with Jadis and her people. Instead, Simon killed everyone but Jadis, leaving her alone in the dump. When he returned to the Sanctuary, he lied to Negan about what he had done.

Now, by this reasoning, you could argue that Dwight might be on his way out as well, considering that he's also trying to take down Negan. That makes sense, but the two men are in vastly different circumstances at this point. Dwight has been making calculated decisions to harm Negan in the long term, and he's got the other army in the war on his side. Simon, on the other hand, just seems to be flying by the seat of his pants. He's killing anyone in his way, no matter what Negan says about it.

If Negan finds out about the lies, or Simon tries to pull another stunt like that in a future episode, he could be meeting Lucille very, very soon.

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