Who Dies In 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x06?

With each new episode of The Walking Dead, the threat of the herd becoming a bit thinner becomes [...]

With each new episode of The Walking Dead, the threat of the herd becoming a bit thinner becomes greater.

Heading into Episode 8x06, some characters are in more danger than others.

Sunday's Episode 8x06 of The Walking Dead is titled, "The King, The Widow, and Rick." The officially synopsis for The King, The Widow, and Rick reads, "With things looking up for Rick and our group, an argument breaks out at the Hilltop. The consequences of the decision are life versus death."

Making her return to the AMC series is series regular Pollyanna McIntosh as Rick journeys to the trash heap in seek of aid for the war with Negan. McIntosh's Jadis, however, may not be so welcoming to the Alexandrian leader.

So, who is in danger and who is safe in The Walking Dead Episode 8x06?

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Rick- Safe. Having survived an encounter with a 50 caliber machine gun and stealing a high-speed car, can anything kill Rick at this point? A trip to the trash heap sure won't.

Negan- Safe. Negan is back in control of the Sanctuary and every single person inside (except for Dwight, and maybe Simon and Eugene) are ready to follow his every word.

Michonne- Safe. Michonne returns on Sunday night, making questionable and out-of-character decisions. Going against Rick's plan is dangerous, especially when Michonne's body is not 100% recovered. Still, one bad decision does not necessarily mean more will follow and Michonne will make it through.

Carl- Danger. Carl was supposed to stay back and protect Alexandria but, like Michonne, he has elected to venture out on his own. Getting caught in the woods is a dangerous scenario, putting Carl in danger for the first time this season.

Carol- Safe. Carol remains safe, having survived the Savior ambush of the Kingdom's army an safely returning. Mentally and physically, Carol is ready for what comes next.

Daryl- Safe. Daryl's hunger to kill places him in a questionable position but he is quick to act and a skilled survivor. Though he is over-eager to kill the Saviors, Daryl is on a mission to protect himself and those around him by keeping threats at bay.

Maggie- Safe. Clearly in charge of the Hilltop now, Maggie has a massive following willing to work with and for her. With a good head on her shoulders, Maggie remains hungry for revenge but also careful to act.

Morgan- Danger. Morgan has, once again, ventured into the apocalypse on his own in an unstable mindset. Luckily, he is willing to kill to survive, but that might not be enough if he comes across a herd or army.

Jesus- Safe. Jesus is a skilled fighter but lost a few allies when he decided to keep the Saviors alive. Still, he is not in danger as he remains in control of his surroundings.

Enid- Safe. Enid remains a key member of the Hilltop community, working closely with new leader Maggie and forging new friendships with other characters nearby. There are no immediate threats.

Gabriel- Safe. Though Gabriel appeared to have been bitten by the end of Episode 8x05, the more likely scenario is heat exhaustion, which might just prompt a change in Eugene's allegiance, getting the man some water, and getting him out of the Sanctuary.

Gregory- Danger. Gregory has no friends any more. The Saviors have outed him as a traitor to the Hilltop, and the Hilltop has abandoned him as well. He is unwelcome in his own home.

Dwight- Danger. With Eugene realizing Dwight's betrayal of the Saviors, it is impossible to rule the character as safe.

Simon- Danger. Negan is not pleased with Simon. The character attempted to show off his leadership skills but instead showed holes in his abilities. He remains a loyal servant to the leader but his survival remains at stake.

Ezekiel- Safe. Though the King has been broken down by the loss of his army and tiger, he is safely at home and will gather himself to rise again eventually.

Jerry- Safe. Devastated like Ezekiel, Jerry is saddened by the Kingdom's losses but has also returned home safely.

Tara- Safe. Tara thoroughly disagrees with Jesus' decision to keep the Saviors alive and will act on emotion but never put herself directly in harms way. At least, not yet.

Rosita- Safe. Along with Michonne, Rosita returns with some questionable decisions. Unlike Michonne, these are not out of character for the overzealous, hasty and vengeful survivor. Luckily, she has Michonne at her side to keep dangers at bay.

Eugene- Safe. Eugene has the most valuable information within the Sanctuary and might just finally join the cause of flipping back to Team Family when we see him again.

Aaron- Safe. The loss of Eric will become a driving point for Aaron as he continues to emerge as a leader in the apocalypse. Now, he has more motivation than ever to find revenge and eliminate the Saviors.

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