'Talking Dead' Guests For 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Finale Revealed

Following Sunday night's Season Nine finale of The Walking Dead, Talking Dead will have a pair of [...]

Following Sunday night's Season Nine finale of The Walking Dead, Talking Dead will have a pair of guests on hand to recap the latest hour of AMC's zombie drama. It's always possible a couple of guests might show up by surprise, as well, following such a milestone episode leading into a hiatus before Season Ten.

Joining Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead to recap The Walking Dead Episode 9x15 will be Angela Kang and Melissa McBride.

Kang has been a writer on The Walking Dead for years. With Season Nine, she stepped into the role of showrunner and took over complete creative control for the series.

"I feel good," Kang told ComicBook.com. "I'm just really grateful that I got to make this season of the show. Everybody that was involved, we kind of had a great time making it even though we knew it was going to be a giant year with losing Andy Lincoln, with some of the other cast departures and everything, but everybody was just so lovely, and I'm really happy that it seems that there's been a good audience response to it. I wanted the audience to feel the same way that I feel about making the show, which is that it's like a fun, wild adventure."

McBride has been with The Walking Dead since its first season, playing the part of Carol Peletier. In the aftermath of Episode 9x15 killing her adopted son Henry, Carol will be in the midst of another emotional roller coaster having suffered yet another devastating loss. Surely, McBride will have a lot to discuss on the recap show.

Talking Dead's guests were listed on AMC's official programming guide. They are subject to change.

The Walking Dead Episode 9x10 is titled, "The Storm." The official synopsis for The Storm reads, "In the aftermath of an overwhelming loss, the communities must brave a ferocious blizzard. As one group deals with an enemy from within, another is forced to make a life or death decision." The finale episode is directed by Greg Nicotero on a script from Matthew Negrete and showrunner Angela Kang.

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