Xander Berkeley On The Walking Dead Deaths, The Hilltop, And Gregory Vs Maggie

To date, The Walking Dead fans haven't seen all that much of Gregory and his Hilltop community. [...]

To date, The Walking Dead fans haven't seen all that much of Gregory and his Hilltop community. However, comic book fans have a taste of what to expect when they do and it's a little bit bitter.

Gregory brings a sense of arrogant charm to the show like no other after his debut late in Season 6. However, that attitude may land him in trouble with the last remaining Greene daughter who has officially lost it all. Comic book readers know the clash of Maggie and Gregory very well. In an interview with ComicBook.com at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta over the weekend, Gregory actor Xander Berkeley touched on the subject.

"She's a little carried away with herself, frankly, if you ask me," Berkeley said.

We will, however, see more of Gregory as that conflict begins to arise.

"I'm so excited to have the audience see what's revealed in the coming episodes," Berkeley said. "They didn't build [the Hilltop] set for nothing! That's a nice set."

"You know you've got great stuff coming when you walk on a set like that," Berkeley said.

Of course, Berkeley had to chime on the brutal Season 7 premiere which aired just over a week ago which saw Abraham and Glenn sent off of the show courtesy of Negan's introduction.

"I had known Michael [Cudlitz]," Berkeley said. "We'd been friends. We both had done 24. We both had done standoff. We both had done other shows together before. I was so disappointed to know I was losing him because he was like my one buddy on the show but I became friends with everybody. Steven [Yeun] was such a sweetheart of a guy. Right off the bat, everybody was so nice and sweet and refreshing."

"How could anything compare to that? That was the whole episode," Berkeley said. "It's almost like you've actually witnessed friends of yours getting killed. I can't get it out of my head. It's just devastating. It's powerful storytelling because I know the aftermath, and the way in which its been writing... I think about the writing... Every episode that I read and every episode I've been a part of working in, as much as I've done, I feel so greatful that I get to do this material. There's not a word you want to change."

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