Agents of SHIELD: Here’s How LMD Coulson Handles His First Mission

Coulson is back! Tonight's Agents of SHIELD premiere saw the team traveling to 1931 in order to stop the Chronicoms from changing history and destroying SHIELD. At the end of last season, we learned that Jemma Simmons decided they needed to bring Coulson back in the form of an LMD (with added Chronicom technology) in order to stop the Chronicoms. Despite the fact that Coulson didn't want to return after his death, the team realizes that Coulson's deep knowledge of SHIELD history will be the only way they can figure out the Chronicoms' time-traveling schemes. Here's how LMD Coulson handled his first mission...

Since the last map of Coulson's mind was taken in the Framework, there were two years of memories for LMD Coulson to catch up on. In addition to Coulson's exploits in the future and dying in season five, he also needed to be updated on Sarge's arc in season six. This huge overload of information overwhelmed LMD Coulson and caused Director Mack to shut him down. However, they ultimately decide to take LMD Coulson out into their 1931 mission, and he ends being extremely helpful.

Along the way, LMD Coulson learns a lot about himself. He wonders if he has gears and whether or not he can drink. During a showdown with some speakeasy gangsters, it occurs to him that he has already died, and takes action. Unlike the real Coulson, he's got a lot of physical strength and can easily take a bullet. After taking down some bad guys, he realizes there are some perks to the LMD life.

As for the rest of the team, Daisy seems to take to the LMD quickly, even offering to one day let him read the letter Coulson wrote her before he died. Mack is definitely struggling with the idea, but you can tell he's coming around. The big test will be when May finally learns about LMD Coulson, which we're guessing will happen next week since she woke up in this episode's post-credits scene.


Recently, Clark Gregg shared a tease about how the team will react to LMD Coulson. "Initially, they range from intense relief to outright discomfort," Gregg explained. The show's executive producers also weighed in on LMD Coulson. "He feels the same, but he's not," Jed Whedon explains. "[Coulson wonders], 'Are [my] feelings real, or am I programmed? What am I?'" Jeffrey Bell added, "We're so happy to have Coulson, in any form." Maurissa Tancharoen agreed, saying, "Coulson is the heart of the show."

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.