Alien: FX Casts Sydney Chandler to Star in Noah Hawley's New Revival Series

The world of Alien is coming to the small screen, thanks to Fargo's Noah Hawley, and the franchise's foray into prestige TV has finally landed one of its leads. Hawley's Alien series, which is in the works over at FX, will be a reinvention of the film franchise, rather than a continuation or total reboot. As the series gears up for production, casting has finally begun, and Sydney Chandler has nabbed the first major role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chandler has landed one of the lead roles in the new Alien TV show. There is no information regarding who she is playing, as plot details are being kept under wraps. Chandler is best known for roles in Pistol and Don't Worry Darling.

When Does the Alien Series Take Place?

There are no firm details out there regarding the Alien series, other than the fact that it is set on Earth, the first title in the Alien franchise to take place on our planet. Last year, FX CEO John Landgraf confirmed that the series takes place about 70 years from now — before Sigourney Weaver's Ripley.

"It's the first story in the Alien franchise that takes place on Earth. It takes place on our planet, near the end of this century we're currently in – 70-odd years from now," Landgraf said. "I hope they will feel like it's faithful to the franchise they love but also a brave and original reinvention of that franchise."

"Setting it on Earth is really interesting," he continued. "We have to think forward about the future of the planet in terms of the environment, governance, technology and create and design a version of the planet in the future ... Noah wants to do that in a distinctive and original way."

Work on the Alien series will kick into high gear when Hawley finishes up with Fargo Season 5. There is currently no expected release date for the highly anticipated project.

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